Before photographing your home, there are some preparations you need to make – by de-cluttering:

  • Remove all personal photos from your walls and other “personal” effects
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Remove all loose wires.
  • Hide or move all kitchen appliances, kettles and coffee makers.
  • If necessary, take out the paintbrush for some general touch ups.
  • Last but not least – CLEAN.

You need to prepare your home to look as fresh and neutral as possible.

Add things such as plants, flowers, fresh towels in the bathrooms and candles. Don’t forget the outdoor area- remember, much of the time is spent outdoors!

Most importantly, make your home as “neutral” as possible. You want potential byers to see themselves spending their holiday in your property and in order to do that, “neutral” is the key.

Feel free to check out my Gallery for examples and inspiration.