Home Styling

Home Styling

Congratulations – whether you have purchased your home on Costa Blanca for the first time or “just” changed addresses.

For a lot of you, it’s time to put your own “feel” to your new home. Second hand homes in Spain are usually sold fully furnished. This often results in a rather interesting interior “style”, since furniture and decorations from multiple owners are left behind.

Need help and advice in relations to what might be worth keeping or if it’s just to go ahead and start over? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you have bought something totally new, maybe it’s just the last finishing touches that are missing?

After many years in the area, I am very familiar with where you might find most “bits and pieces”. Together we can create the style and feel you are looking for, so you can come “home”. As a bonus, you can spend you vacation relaxing.

If you purchased your home on Costa Blanca as a resident in the area, or simply using your new home as a holiday home – together we can create your dream space.

Nordicblend Studios can also offers styling before photographing your home.

Feel free to check out my Gallery for examples and inspiration.